Offshore Fishing and Different Rods

What is offshore fishing?

Offshore Deep Sea Fishing RodsOffshore fishing is done for leisure and is often a part of the fishing game. It is also called as game fishing. The thought of fishing is very exciting and gives us many ideas about the baits, hooks, fishing gears and accessories. It can be a fun experience if everything seems in the right place. This type of fishing is in the deep parts of the sea and hence all types of safety measures are advised before planning an adventurous fishing trip. Offshore fishing is a dare devil game and is for people who have that competitive spirit. The game targets fishes that are enormous in size and are found deep in the sea. This type of fishing is also called as deep sea fishing or open water fishing. Special boats that are made for offshore fishing are recommended to use. The fishing gear, rods, baits and many other accessories are specially made for the offshore fishing. Offshore fishing is always advised to people who are experienced, skilled and know the sport very well. People who have an extensive knowledge about water and weather can be the best suited for this game.

Why is inshore fishing different than offshore fishing?

Inshore fishing is much similar to the local fishing and does not need any special equipment to do. This type of fishing is done in shallow water not very far from the shore. The fishing can be done in water level that is about 30 meters deep. This type of fishing is very cheap and is very affordable compared to offshore fishing. Though some of the anglers may find that there is no thrill and challenge in inshore fishing than offshore fishing. It is actually a personal choice and depends on the likes of a person whether he likes inshore fishing more than offshore fishing. The best time to try inshore fishing is the spring, as it can give you the most satisfaction. For best experiences, try the fishing at dawn or dusk. It is expected that you may find more black fish, cod, striped bass, bluefish, green bonito, porgies, flounder, mackerel and fluke. The fishing expedition in both types of fishing is the same, though the equipments and variations can be different. It depends on the personal choice of a person about his favorite type.

Best Offshore Fishing and Different Rods Comparison & Reviews

Offshore Fishing Rods Comparison
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Model Number
Line Wt.(lbs.)
Reel Seats
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Double-footed Fuji stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts
EVA grips
Fuji reel seats with corrosion resistant stainless steel hoods
60-day/5 year
Epoxy-coated blanks
ATC-5561A MH
aluminum oxide guides
EVA foam grips
Cushioned stainless steel and graphite reel seat
80-130lb Tuna Series
5 roller guides + a roller tip
black blanks with royal red and gold trim
65 - 200
Fuji Aluminum Oxide GuidesTip + 8-10 guides
EVA Grip
Shimano Reel Seat
Limited Lifetime
TC4 Blanks Blue
6. 6
50 - 100
Fuji Aluminum Oxide GuidesTip + 8-10 guides
EVA Grip
Shimano Reel Seat
Limited Lifetime
TC4 blanks
Aluminum oxide guide inserts
Stainless Steel hooded reel seats
1-year limited
Sensitive graphite composite blanks
30-50lb Tuna Series
black blanks with gold trim
Fuji ConceptTM Alconite guides
Tough, durable, textured vinyl grips
Fuji graphite reel seat
High Fiber density blank
30 to 80
7 Stuart Roller/AX Turbo
EVA fore grips
Machined aluminum reel seat
1-year limited
solid glass blanks
4 Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides
aluminum reel seat
limited lifetime
power fiberglass blanks

Types of Boats

Offshore Fishing Rods And ReelsThere are many types of boats that are made for fishing and which among them is the best for offshore fishing?

  • Small Boats – There are no certain specifications for a small boat, but if the boat is less than 25 feet in length, then it can be called as a small boat. These boats are not meant for the offshore fishing as they cannot sustain the high waves. They are best for inshore fishing.
  • Compromise boats – Inshore boats cannot be used for offshore and same is applied to the offshore boats. But the compromise boats are the answer to both the worlds. Compromise boats have length up to 24 feet and have a shallow draft for inshore fishing and a bigger bow to sustain the large and high waves offshore. The manufacturer may still advise on not using it for offshore fishing.
  • Offshore boats – Offshore boats are designed to sustain high tides and large waves. The dead rise of the boat makes it capable to cut the water and move ahead. The offshore boat needs to cut the water and so its bow is meant to be high, big and deep. They are very powerful and have more than one engine in order to avoid a breakdown in the mid of the Atlantic Gulf.

Tips for successful offshore fishing

  • Offshore Fishing TackleBefore leaving for the offshore sailing trip, check the forecast. The direction of the wind is very important when you are thinking of the offshore fishing extravaganza. The deep sea has its own dangers and complications.
  • Offshore fishing cannot be done without a VHF Radio with a good antenna. The height of the antenna should be at least eight feet. The hand held radios with small antennas are ideal for inshore trips.
  • Frequently check through the radio checks that you can reach any other boat or marines. This is done to check the radio transmission.
  • If you face lightening then get out of the sea immediately, but still if you are stuck in the sea and are facing lightening then stay very low. Keep everything in the boat very low, especially the radio antenna and the rods. Even you have to get as low as you can in the boat.
  • The most important thing is the boat wakes. When you are in the ocean, the boat wakes can travel long distances and it needs to be attended as soon as it is realized. The boat wakes are the most important and dangerous things one can ever experience and it has the power of flipping the boat in the sea.
  • Above all, use your common sense. If you think that going in the sea is too dangerous, then avoid it. There is always a next time when you can plan a fishing trip. Some people do silly things and get caught in the sea. Take a safe route and come out in time instead of facing dangers.

Basic things you need to look while buying a fishing rod

Offshore Saltwater Fishing RodsIt is very important that you select the right rod for your fishing gear. Understanding the technique of the rod and its terminology of a fishing rod can make a good choice when you are planning to buy a new one:

  • Trolling – This is a type of fishing rod and is a major part of the fishing gear and its equipments. These rods are built and designed for conventional reels. This is unlike the heavy gear that is only used for the dolphin and king mackerel. The conventional is more popular and is used commonly. The brands are labeled as the line class and are very expensive. They are one of the investments and one has to pay more than $1000 for the complete gear.
  • Fly fishing – Fly rods are often used by anglers for offshore fishing, but it is no less than a punishment. They are too heavy and have a lot of lines. They weigh more than 9 and less than 12. These are special rods that are used for special fishing and are used by certain anglers for offshore fishing.
  • Bottom Fishing – These rods are also known as the meat rods. They are very heavy and can catch a lot of fishes at the same time. These bottom fishing rods are very heavy and very stiff as compared to the trolling rods. Bottom fishing rods are also longer and are robust to endure the beating the fish can give the rod.

All rods have their own attributes that make them unique beauties and separate from each other. A few things that you should consider when you are choosing the rod for your fishing gear:

  1. The length of the rods matters the most when you select the rod. Longer rods do not Offshore Fishing Luresmean better performance or longer casts.
  2. Shorter rods are always heavy and can be used for heavy gear like dolphins.
  3. Bottom fishing or inshore fishing should always use shorter rods as they have amazing performance in inshore fishing.
  4. Long rods can make the casting better and is also a vital member in the fishing trips.
  5. Trolling rods that are lighter are a good option for the lighter trolling line.
  6. Guides on a fishing rod are very expensive, but it is a very important part in the rod’s performance.
  7. Guides that are made of ceramics are made to give smooth operation and longer casts.
  8. Roller guides are the best for heavy trolling and they are a perfect rod for the bottom or inshore fishing.
  9. Stainless steel guides are very hardened and are used for the wire line applications.
  10. These metal guides are less expensive and are the perfect accessory for the bottom fishing applications.
  11. The length of the butt of the rod is the part between the reel and the back end of the rod and different rods have different butts. The casting rods will always have smaller butt length. Spinning rods will have medium butts and the trolling rods that are used for bottom fishing have the longest butt length. This butt length actually affects the angler’s performance and the style the angler uses the rods for fishing.
  12. Taper is the amount of bend the rod has and can be seen from the tip to the butt of the rod. The taper is measured and affects the performance of the rod. The slower the taper is, the rod is less expensive and the higher the taper, the rod is very expensive.
  13. Slow Taper – The slow taper rods have an arc to them from the butt to the tip. Casting for heavy baits gets difficult for these slow taper.
  14. Medium taper does not have the butt section bend and the top portion is bent. These medium taper rods normally fit in all types of fishing situations.
  15. Fast Taper rods will have the front tip of the rod bent and the butt is as it is. The rod has a strong backbone in the lower side and is very flexible in the upper section.
  16. Extra fast taper – This rod has an extremely strong butt and the rod bends in approximate 12 to 18 inches. These rods are one of the possessions for every angler and are very expensive. They are handcrafted and have precise casting abilities. The rod tip is very flexible for a small lure, but can easily have the strength for the bigger fish if needed.

Here are some of the rod reviews that can help you in selecting the right one for you:

Top brands present in this segment:

Penn Mariner Standup Rod-h 1. Penn Mariner Standup Rod – The fishing rods come in a lot of variety and brands. They have different lengths, heights, types, power and grip. It is a personal choice of an angler which one to select. The action and technique of the rod can also confuse you. The stiffness, the amount and how much the rod bends can make a difficult decision for you.

OKIAYA COMPOSIT 80-130LB-h2. OKIAYA COMPOSIT 80-130LB SALTWATER BIG GAME ROLLER ROD – This rod is six feet and is the most sensitive rod that has Deep South medium heavy casting. The former name of the rod was fig rig rods and is a good choice for light baits.


ANDE ATC-5561AMH-h3. ANDE ATC-5561AMH Conventional Boat Fishing Rod – This rod can certainly meet the angler’s need in terms of length and is very flexible. The rod has the Tennessee handle on it to make it lighter in weight.


Daiwa Saltiga-h4. Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh Style Deep Drop Rods – These rods best match the power reels and come with a lifetime warranty. Super strong rods feature the power fiber glass blanks and high quality seats.


OKIAYA COMPOSIT 30-50LB-h5. OKIAYA COMPOSIT 30-50LB “THE SLAYER” SALTWATER BIG GAME ROLLER ROD – This heavy duty action rod is a premium rod that one can depend on. This has a long life and is super smooth, super sensitive rod for best action.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Rod-h6. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Rod – EVAGrip and graphite Fuji stainless steel guides have steel hoods and are corrosion resistant. The model is called the ugly black and is guaranteed for strength and sensitivity.


Okuma Fishing Tackle CE-C-701Ha-h7. Okuma Fishing Tackle CE-C-701Ha Celilo Big Water Casting Rod – The rod has sensitive graphite composite blanks, 1 year warranty and has stainless steel hood reel sets and aluminum oxide guides.


Tsunami Airwave 7-h8. Tsunami Airwave 7’0″ Conventional Boat Rod TSAWBC-701H – The rods in the surf fishing techniques are very long and they can reach any distance between 12 to 16’. The Tsunami Conventional Boat Rod is the best for high pressure situations during fishing. Each of the rods delivers a strong and powerful fiber density and is very light in weight.

Shimano TLC66XHBBL-h9. Shimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod- Blue – Shimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod is a great choice for the all round fishing and is a medium and light powered rod with the spinning wheel. The rod is built to provide incredible power and comfort to the fisherman.

Shimano TLC66MHBBL-h10. Shimano TLC70MHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod – This rod is from the Shimano series and is a more economical choice for all anglers. This rod is extremely light in weight and is very powerful. This rod was designed and built to fish the braided lines and handle the extreme pressure of fishing.

Choosing the right fishing rod can be hectic. These rods cannot be tried and hence it is very crucial to choose the right one. The rods are very expensive and you do not want to spend a lot of money on the wrong one. If you go fishing with someone, try using his rod for experience and you can buy the same brand that your friend uses. The guides in the rods can be replaced and do not let them ruin your fishing trip. Ideally, they should be replaced before they break. The fishing gear should also include the small repair kit that can be used in case of emergency breakage or damage. Replacing the broken tips can be of little trouble. The idea is to have the fishing rod that is made for you and suits your style. Also, what type of fishing you are planning, is very important and the selection of the rod depends on that.