Okiaya Composit 30-50lb Product Introduction

Okiaya fishing company was started in 2010, with the beginning as a small scale manufacturer and retailer of quality fishing equipments. The company started with one product but it managed to sell thousands of its products worldwide in just 4 years. Okiaya’s products include fishing rods, reels, fishing lures, custom poles and new range of belts. Okiaya’s manufactured poles are rated as the best offshore poles available in the below $100 category. Okiaya’s fishing gears are designed to offer excellent class and value to its customers. The Okiaya rods are economical and affordable and perfect equipment when in water. Okiaya rods are made with excellent designs, creative craftsmanship and quality engineering.

Product Details

Fishing Poles: Okiaya Composit 30-50lb

  • All Okiaya rods feature a roller tip and a 5 roller guide
  • The blanks are black in color with gold trims
  • Okiaya rods are individually wrapped in a protective rod sock/pouch with traditionally stitched tag
  • Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod is a big fish rod
  • Okiaya rods are made of classic design, with machine crafted grade alloys for power
  • The rod has a main shaft of fiber for fine balance, smooth stainless steel roller and tough hardware that adds to the looks
  • Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod exceeds the IGFA standards which is must for all fishing competitions
  • The rod length of Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod is 1.65M or 5’6”
  • The Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod comes under 30-50lb Tuna Series
  • Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod has good looks, light in weight and easy to handle
  • Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod costs approximately $89.99, some online websites offer it at a discounted rate
  • Okiaya rods are up to the mark performance rods
  • These rods pull the lures well and handle the fish in a good way


Okiaya Composit 30-50lb - Fishing EquipmentOkiaya rods can be chosen from various different options as per the requirement of the customer. Okiaya rods are created for beginners as well as expert fishing enthusiasts and they can be purchased as per the exact need and budget. All the Okiaya rods and tackles are created with expert advice and techniques for a perfect experience. The raw materials brought together to create these rods are picked up by expert hands to ensure durability and honesty. The Okiaya rods are worth investment.

Okiaya products can be purchased online easily. You just need to open an account on the website. Some of the newly added products to the catalogue in the Reels category are Okiaya Pro-National 30W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel, Okiaya Pro-National 50W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel, Pro-National 80W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel and Pro-National 130W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel. Recently launched Rods are Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod, Okiaya Composit 30-80LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod, Okiaya Composit 80-130LB “The Bosshoss” Big game Roller rod and many more.


The Okiaya rods are shorter in length.

Purchasing these rods can be confusing as they are available in a wide array.


Okiaya rods are suitable for fishing bass, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna and many other baits. Okiaya Composit 30-50LB is a Saltwater Big Game roller rod which costs approximately $56.96. Rod cover is included with the purchase of the rod. The Composit 30-50LB rod is of elegant black and gold color design. The rod can be shipped within the United States and to the international borders. Go for Okiaya – Live Life in Blue Waters. Make your decision wisely and choose the correct option.


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