Okiaya Composit 80-130lbProduct Introduction

Christopher Christian was the founder of Okiaya fishing company which started in 2010 to create high quality fishing equipment. Initially the company started as a small scale retailer, but today Okiaya sells its thousands of products worldwide. It’s been 4 years since inception, but Okiaya’s fishing gear are popular and are available in a wide variety. New range of belts, fishing rods and reels, fishing lures and custom poles are some of its manufactured products. All the Okiaya’s products are economical and affordable and easy to use. These rods are created with quality material, latest and modern designs and creative craftsmanship. In the $100 below category Okiaya rods are rated as the best poles in the market.

Product Details

Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

  • All Okiaya rods feature a roller tip and a 5 roller guide
  • The rod has Fiberglass rod blank
  • The rod includes rollers made of stainless steel
  • Reel seat made of anodized aluminum
  • The rod has aluminum gimbal butt which has cross cut
  • The Okiaya rods are made for saltwater big fish
  • Okiaya Composit 80-130LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod is 1.65M (5’6”)
  • With purchase of Okiaya rod a rod cover is included
  • The rod is made for medium heavy action
  • The rollers attached with the rod are pretty smooth
  • Okiaya Composit 80-130LB Saltwater rod is striking black in color, with red and gold color scheme
  • The Okiaya Composit 80-130LB Saltwater rod costs $69.99
  • These rods can be shipped to the Continents of United States and other International borders
  • All Okiaya Composit rods meet the IGFA standards which is a requirement for all major professional fishing tournaments
  •  The Okiaya Composit 80-130LB is also called “The BossHoss”
  • All the Okiaya rods are well made and durable


Okiaya Composit Fishing Rods and ReelsOkiaya rods can be chosen from a wide variety like Pro-National 30W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel, Okiaya Pro-National 50W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel, Pro-National 80W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel and Pro-National 130W-II 2 Speeds Big Game Reel. Newly launched Rods are Okiaya Composit 30-50LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod, Okiaya Composit 30-80LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod, Okiaya Composit 80-130LB “The Bosshoss” Big game Roller rod and many more. To view all the products, customers can visit the store and view the product catalogue. All the Okiaya rods can be purchased online through Okiaya website, by simply opening an account. These rods are created for beginners as well as expert fishing enthusiasts. Latest technique, expert hands and creativity go into creating Okiaya rods. The raw material used is chosen wisely by expert hands to ensure stability and strength. The Okiaya rods are worth the money.


The Okiaya rods are shorter in length. Purchasing these rods can be confusing as they are huge in a variety. These rods are not meant for small fishes, these rods only trap big target.


Go for Okiaya – Live Life in Blue Waters. The Okiaya rods can be purchased online and can be shipped at home. The product packaging is impressive and secure, and the rod is delivered damage free. Okiaya Composit 80-130LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod is a good return for money. The Okiaya rods are light in weight and easy to handle. The Okiaya rods pull the lures well and handle the big bait fish very well. These rods are suitable for fishing bass, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna and many other big fishes. Modern design with stunning looks, Okiaya rods are definitely the winner’s choice. You can consider all available options and then choose the right one for you.


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