Shimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod- Blue

Shimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod- Blue

Okuma Fishing TackleProduct Introduction

The Shimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod is made for saltwater fishing and is very durable and strong. Saltwater fishing is one of the finest sports on the planet and which is ideal for the starter anglers. All of the successful anglers find out ways for effective fishing and productive lures. Newly developed lures and baits always attracts the anglers. The fishing style is much like river or lake fishing. It needs a lot of patience as this requires time. The best rods are made for the top notch action and the best rod makes the fisherman get the best fish. The best rod is defined on its bend at the tip. The fast action is expected if the rod bends at the tip. A moderate performance rod bends at the last half. Slow action rod bends at the handle. Soft rods are not so much compatible for live bait. There are ultra light rods that are designed for 2 to 6 pounds and can sustain lures that weigh from 1/32 ounces. They can handle heavy baits and lures and can uphold the weight of the lures from light to heavy.

Product Details

Freshwater Okuma Fishing TackleShimano TLC66XHBBL Tallus Blue Water Conventional Rod is a great choice for all round fishing and is a medium and light powered rod with the spinning wheel. The rod is built to provide incredible power and comfort to the fisherman. This powerful rod has an incredible pulling power and is made of great material that gives grip for fishing. The rod is available in two colors. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the rods and just weigh around 1 pound. The quality and the construction of the rod is great and big fish do not have a chance to rescue that makes the rod a good choice for all types of fishing and any angler can use the rod effectively. The anglers have to take care of the tide changes and the weather conditions when they plan a fishing trip. Some things should be considered before packing for the trip. Check the weather forecast; take the necessary things that you may need during fishing and obviously the fishing gear. Shimano is among the best and high quality fishing tackles available in the market. The saltwater anglers not only use their finest products, but they also appreciate the recommendations given to them. The customer service team and the prices are always as per the user’s choice.


  • Tallus Blue Water Conventional RodLots of products from Shimano.
  • Best guides and Fuji aluminum guides
  • EVA grip for rods
  • Actions for the Fuji fishing guides
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The rod has more length
  • Fast action
  • Save on selected fishing and boating gear
  • Excellent service


  • The angler has a lot of options to choose from and may get confusing.
  • He may not get what he wants within a lot of products he sees.


This product is certainly the best seller and a must have for all saltwater experts. Each rod is built with utmost care and meets all the requirements of the anglers. They have immense power and comfort. The conventional blue rod is amazing to look and has some great features. Lifetime warranty, fishing power pro Fuji guide allows the easy functioning of the rod. The light weight rod is an incredible possession and comes with a lifetime warranty. The quality and the construction of the rod are great and are great for all anglers. You can think about advantages and disadvantages of the product and then decide if it is worth buying.


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