Tsunami Airwave 7’0″ Conventional Boat Rod TSAWBC-701H

Tsunami Airwave 7’0″ Conventional Boat Rod TSAWBC-701H

Tsunami Airwave ReviewProduct Introduction

Fishing is among the most famous recreational activities where one can have a great time along with some fish catching. The activity can be fun if the fisherman has great tools and equipment to go with it. The fisherman should always have the basic equipment to enjoy the activity and that too at an affordable rate and the best quality. Many feel that fishing brings the people close to the nature and one can find it rejuvenating. Still, most of the men and women do not truly get the most out of the fishing trips as they find many issues and difficulties with their equipments.

Tsunami is one of the leading names in the market that make high quality surf fishing rods and equipments. These rods are made for the surf fishing sport. In this sport the fishes are caught from the shoreline or just wading in the surf. The sport is also termed as surfcasting. Most of the times surf fishing is done in saltwater. The surfcasters throw the bait or lure so far that the necessary target is achieved. This type of fishing can be mixed with pier fishing both are two different techniques. The equipments are rightfully sized for all types of fishing game and the rods are very big for surf fishing. The basic equipments in this sport include the rod and the reel along with the bait or lure. Dedicated surfcasters have fishing rods and reels of different length and actions. These rods and reels can take different weight and capabilities. They use different equipments according to the weather and the type of fish to be caught. The surf fishing is done with live bait and artificial lures. The fishermen have to be extremely careful about the waves and undertows as they may be very dangerous at times. They can cause serious injury or even death.

Product Details

The rods in the surf fishing techniques are very long and they can reach any distance between 12 to 16’. The person who is fishing needs to use his entire body and both hands to maintain the balance as the rod needs to be thrown deep inside the water at a long distance. The fisherman needs to make sure that when they are casting there should be no one around as the baits are hooked on the razor sharp hooks and can be harmful to anyone standing near them.

Tsunami Airwave RodsThe Tsunami Conventional Boat Rod is the best for high pressure situations during the fishing. Each of the rods delivers the strong and powerful fiber density and is very light in weight. The rods are very stronger, more powerful and deliver high performance during the surf fishing. The rods are all day casting and that does not mean that they are heavy and the angler becomes tired at the end of the day. The Airwave rods manufactured by Tsunami are lightweight and that is their specialty. This airway rod design is made from the high density blank to the Fuji concept alconite that are made for the inshore models. These are tough as Fiji hardloy is used in this series and are durable, textured and have vinyl grips which gives that the fisherman gets more distance and accuracy with less effort and no sore arms as the rods are very light weight. With an Airwave rod if you still feel that you have sore arms then it is not because of the rod, may be you have caught some extra fishes today. Some of the features of the rod are lighter, powerful, stronger, increased sensitivity, improved casting, alconite guides on the inshore fishing models.

Tsunami Fishing RodsAdvantages

  • Light weight
  • Unique technology
  • High pressure production techniques
  • Long rods ideal for surf fishing


In the wide range of products, one can waste a lot of time in searching the specification, functions of the rod and if they truly match the fisherman’s requirement.


The Tsunami Airwave 7’0″ Conventional Boat Rod TSAWBC-701H rods are meant to perform well during fishing. The rod is made to benefit the most out of the fishing trip. Still, you should think about the pros and cons and then make your decision accordingly.


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